Taking Expiry Dates Seriously

As opposed to being an insurance policy for protecting the manufacturer, use-by dates are strategically selected to balance out factors like convenience and value-for-money with protecting your health and ensuring the utmost integrity of the product...

How to Turn Your Family Into Tofu Lovers

Tofu, like a lot of things in life, has some critics. In western society, it’s one of those foods the uninitiated will avoid without really giving it a chance. But, once you give good tofu a try, you often find there are some pretty powerful and enthusiastic converts in your corner.

The Tofu Appreciation Project

Do you love your tofu? Show us your appreciation by snapping one of your tofu creations, giving it a name and posting it on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages... Read more...

Is tofu a high calcium food?

This is a frequently asked question, especially from new vegans and/or vegetarians monitoring the intake of vitamins and minerals in their eating regime. And, as is often the case with such questions, there is no easy answer.

The great vegan invasion

There has been a lot of buzz around veganism in the media recently with Australia reported as being the third fastest growing vegan market in the world. While this is definitely big news, it is something Earth Source Foods had already caught wind of, given the uptake of interest in our tofu lately.

Tasting our tofu at Drakes

Tasting our tofu at Drakes

Across the second week of November, Earth Source Foods (ESF) tofu will be showcased to shoppers at Drakes IGA Supermarkets in South Australia and Queensland as part of a number of in-store food demonstrations.

Smoking can be good for you

In planning the release of our new SMOKED TOFU – where we’ve worked hard to perfect some very sophisticated smoking techniques – we looked into the history of smoking foods and realised smoking has come a long way…