Taking Expiry Dates Seriously

We all know the importance of use-by dates for food products. As opposed to being an insurance policy for protecting the manufacturer, use-by dates are strategically selected to balance out factors like convenience and value-for-money with protecting your health and ensuring the utmost integrity of the product.

Quality is more than just important to Earth Source Foods; it is our mantra. For us, quality equates to two things: flavour and texture. Given all of our tofu products are 100% natural, organic (bio-dynamic) and contain no preservatives, there is a certain timeframe in which our tofu is in peak condition, and that timeframe is before the use-by date, which you’ll find stamped in black on the packaging (see image). After that date, the texture and flavour of our tofu starts to deteriorate, resulting in a product that is inferior to the usual Earth Source Foods’ standards.

Each use-by date has been identified to yield excellent nutritional outcomes, and greater flavour and texture in your cooking. Rather than focusing on longevity, we want you to enjoy an outstanding tofu experience every time you use our products so you can be sure you’re always eating your tofu at its best.

Our sealed packaging and strict cold-chain quality control from factory to store shelf is an important part of the premium product experience. We ask you to maintain that cold-chain by getting your tofu into the fridge as soon as possible after purchase. Given shopping day is pretty busy/insane for most of us, if you’ve got a ton of running around to do, a good way to keep your tofu cool is to transport it in a sealed chill bag, especially if you live in the warmer parts of Australia. Popping an ice pack in the chill bag too will help it keep that little bit cooler.

Once home and in the fridge, it’s likely you’ll have a couple of weeks or so before your tofu reaches its expiry date. But, once you’ve broken the seal, you should always consume your tofu within three days, regardless of the use-by date stated on the packaging. Our tofu also needs its water changed daily across those three days to help maintain its freshness and quality.

Are you new to the delights of tofu? We’ve already compiled some points on how to care for your tofu, as well as a guide to freezing your tofu.

Adhere to these expiry tips and we’re sure you’ll have a tofu experience that always lives up to the Earth Source Foods name.