10 popular tofu recipes


It's been an honour for us to test our tofu preparation skills in the kitchen and create a bunch of everyday tofu recipes that are not only delicious and debunk tofu myths but are also easy to prepare.

Now that we've got a library of recipes on our website, we thought it timely to share 10 of our most popular and encourage you to take the lead from other Earth Source Food customers.

it is interesting to note that none of these recipes is Asian in origin, proving tofu is just as applicable to western cuisine as it is to its Asian heritage. 

10 popular tofu recipes (in no particular order)

1. Tofu Blueberry & Cashew Smoothie
A delicious treat or anytime light dessert

2. Tofu Avocado Smash
A café favourite that is easy to replicate at home

3. Tofu Stroganoff
Smoky, 'creamy' and perfectly suited to having tofu as the main protein

4. Tofu, Coconut & Cookie Truffles
Put simply = yum. No need to say more.

5. Scrambled Tofu
"I cannot believe it's not scrambled eggs"

6. Tofu Tacos
A lightly spiced snack or meal 

7. Creamy Pumpkin & Tofu Soup
A comfort dish that fills the belly

8. Tofu Jaffa 'Packet-Mix' Cake
A choc-orange easy 'cheat cake' for non-cooks

9. Momen Tofu Basil Pesto
Versatile pesto for pasta or as a dip with crackers and sliced veggies

10. Rich Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Compote
So good you'll want to bathe in it