5 undeniable similarities between fine wine and good tofu

Does cheap cask wine stand up against a vintage Eden Valley red? Similarly, does basic tofu stand up against premium bio-dynamic (The Enhanced Organic) tofu?

When it comes to discerning taste, there is no substitute for quality raw materials and time-honoured artisan sensibility. The same goes for tofu.

Let’s extend on this metaphor and compare the perfect drop to the perfect block:

1. Taste and texture tell it like it is
Put some tofu in your mouth. Does it feel fresh and light? Is there a clean, subtle nuttiness that leaves hardly any after-taste?

Good tofu is a clever ‘chameleon’ that absorbs and then elevates the tastes and aromas of your best cooking. Think of it this way, a good glass of wine will make a meal taste better, and so will good tofu.

2. It starts with harvesting the best bean/fruit
Ingredients are key to a meal, just as good soybeans are critical to good tofu.

Good tofu starts with the best soybeans available – in the case of Earth Source Foods, Bio-Dynamic (The Enhanced Organic) soybeans. As viniculture practices affect grape quality so do the farming methods used to cultivate soybeans.

3. The production process is an art
Tofu is an alchemic mix of soy milk, water and coagulant. Different skills and different methods produce different results.

Good soybeans and careful preparation for hot extraction (rather than the quicker method of cold extraction) creates a superior soy milk. Combine this with a natural coagulant and skill of the tofumaker for the je ne sais quoi of high quality tofu.

Think of the delicate balance in winemaking. The same applies to tofu.

4. Never the star but always the star ‘helper’
Just as a fine drop of wine complements and elevates a meal, quality tofu is the ultimate star ‘helper’ without grandstanding or overwhelming the dish.

Other tofu may provide the protein for bulking out vegan or vegetarian dishes but it is unlikely to offer any culinary glory.

Many western palates may see tofu as bland but they have not tried good tofu. Like a delicious sponge, good tofu soaks up your sauces and combines them with its subtle nuttiness to create a mouth-watering taste and texture sensation.

5. It’s a matter of style
You may choose different wines to go with different meals. Similarly, quality tofu comes in a variety of styles, densities and textures for different purposes.

Not all tofu is the same, and quality tofu in all its variations is sure to convert your diners to tofu lovers with a smile on their faces and satisfaction in their stomachs.

The days of bad tofu are gone. It’s time to put a hand up for quality.

Earth Source Foods makes good tofu. Take a look at our products.