Scrambled Tofu

Try this easy vegan "I can't believe it's not scrambled eggs" for breakfast, or an anytime tasty, hasty meal. 

MAKES: 2 serves

1 tub (250g) of Earth Source Foods Soft Tofu
1 teaspoon of Tamari or Soy sauce
2 Tablespoons oil
Salt & pepper to taste

Take tofu from the tub, slice into 3 slabs and pat dry with a paper towel. 
Heat oil in a frying pan on high heat. 
Add tofu and lightly mash with a potato masher, leaving tofu reasonably coarse.
Stir constantly until some of the tofu water has evaporated off. 
Add Tamari/Soy sauce, stir through and add salt and pepper to taste before serving.

Add 1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast with the Tamari/Soy sauce

Add any of the following to the hot oil and lightly fry before the adding and mashing the tofu:
- ¼ Red capsicum cut into small cubes
- 1 or 2 Spring onions finely chopped
- ¼ Small red onion finely chopped
- 2 Medium sized mushrooms sliced
When adding salt and pepper to taste, stir through:
- Steamed spinach or kale
- Pinch of chopped fresh herbs, eg: basil, coriander or parsley
- Whole or halved cherry tomatoes

Serve as you would scrambled eggs - on toast, in a wrap, or simply, deliciously on its own!


Scrambled Tofu