With subtle taste and naturally absorbent textures, all Earth Source Foods (ESF) tofus are excellent flavour carriers, perfect for marinades and particularly suited to Asian cooking styles and seasoning. But our tofus are so versatile they should not be restricted to any one style of cuisine – sweet or savoury – or prepared in any particular way.
Our tofus are great for those following a vegan, gluten-free or nut-free diet, but can still be paired with foods containing animal proteins, gluten or nuts. Nutritious tofu is a healthy food, ideal for vegans as a complete and satisfying meal or as a supercharged food addition when included as a vegetable ingredient with meats and all seafood. Our tofus can be added to any number of dishes or eaten straight from the pack.

Remember, the firmer the tofu, the better it is at holding its shape during cooking. When lightly pre-fried or oven-roasted, the texture of tofu changes to better absorb all marinades, flavourings and sauces before further cooking such as adding to stirfries, hotpots or BBQ grilling.
We’ve got creative in the kitchen and curated some simple, healthy recipes for the home cook (not chef) to enhance your appreciation of tofu. However, a little bit of experimentation goes a long way, so be bold and, when you come up with tofu recipes worth sharing, please share with us.

Note: All our recipes can be gluten-free when wheat-free soy (tamari) or wheat-free hoisin sauce is used, and any wheat flour may be substituted for gluten-free flours. For vegan diets, egg where mentioned may also be omitted. None of our recipes contain dairy. Meats and seafood may be included if preferred according to dietary preference and taste.