What is Momen Tofu?

You may have noticed Earth Source Foods released a new product called MOMEN SEMI-FIRM tofu but, like a lot of people, you might be too shy to ask: What does the word ‘Momen’ mean? Where does it come from? Or even, what does it taste like?

In Japan, there are two broad varieties of tofu – firm and soft – but they are referred to by the more descriptive names of ‘cotton tofu’ (Momen tofu) and ‘silk tofu’ (Kinu tofu).

Earth Source Foods SILKEN tofu fits firmly in the traditional Kinu style, as we’ve discussed in a previous blog post called What is Silken Tofu?. Our MOMEN tofu simply sits at the other end of the texture spectrum (i.e. denser, more solid, better for frying, etc.) while the additional mention of SEMI-FIRM helps to differentiate this tofu from the other firmer tofus in our specialist range.

When it comes to taste, Earth Source Foods MOMEN tofu is as fresh, clean and understated in taste as all our tofus made from Certified Demeter Organic Bio-dynamic soybeans. It’s designed to artfully complement and enhance your recipes but never dominate.

Think of our MOMEN SEMI-FIRM as the tofu you would like to use when either our PRESSED (extra firm) and FIRM are too hard or our SOFT and SILKEN are too soft. It’s the ‘Goldilocks’ of the Earth Source Foods tofu range – not too firm, not too light, but just right.

How do you cook with MOMEN SEMI-FIRM? Try the following recipes:

A comforting dish switching tofu for ricotta and eggs

Simple tofu pesto for pasta with a light dusting of pistachio