New Product: Momen Semi-Firm Tofu

Momen Semi Firm Tofu

Earth Source Foods is proud to announce the release of a new addition to our bio-dynamic 'super organic' tofu range: Momen Semi-Firm tofu 

Momen Semi-Firm tofu is a traditional Japanese style tofu that fills the gap between our firm and soft products. Not too firm, not too soft. It really shines in its versatility. You can use Momen Semi-Firm tofu for almost anything – marinating, stir-frying, grilling, deep-frying, adding to soups or puréeing for dips, sauce or dressing bases, desserts, you name it. But to start you off, we've got a recipe that's sure to shine at your next vegan-friendly dinner party: Momen Tofu & Spinach Cannelloni.

Earth Source Foods' Momen Semi-Firm Tofu is available right now across Australia at your favourite stockist. Ask for it by name, and don't accept inferior substitutes.

PS. Keep an eye on the recipe section of our website where we'll be constantly sharing quick, easy and delicious ideas for using new Earth Source products, and continuing to expand your mind about the limitless possibilities of bio-dynamic tofu.