Tofu Burger / Sandwich

A humble vegan burger or sandwich need not be boring! For gluten-free eating, simply substitute the bun or sliced bread for a non-gluten option.

MAKES: 1 burger

1 Tofu steak - see our recipe
1 Tofu rissole - see our recipe
1 Bread roll/bun or 2 slices of bread of choice
Vegan Mayo - see our recipe
Lettuce, salad leaves or sprouts
Tomato, chilli or other sauce to preference
Salt & pepper seasoning to taste

Halve and lightly toast the bun or bread.
Spread one side with Vegan Mayo and one side with tomato or chilli sauce.
Add salad greens onto the mayo spread side, and the tofu steak or tofu rissole on top of the sauce side.
Season to taste if required.
Press together the two open sides of assembled bun or bread.


Tofu Burger / Sandwich
Suited Tofu Style - Firm Tofu / Pressed Tofu