SImple Tofu Burger / Sandwich

Ready to eat straight from the pack. The addition of flavoursome, lightly smoked tofu, sliced and added to all sandwiches and wraps, beautifully complements all salad fillings.
For gluten-free eating, simply substitute the sliced bread or wraps for a non-gluten option.

MAKES: 1 sandwich or wrap

Earth Source Foods Smoked Tofu,  3-4 slices cut straight from the pack
2 Slices of bread or wrap of choice
Spreads of choice, suggested:
- Vegan Mayo - see our recipe
- Miso paste
- Olive oil
Salad ingredients of choice, suggested:
- Lettuce, rocket leaves or sprouts
- Tomato
- Beetroot
- Cucumber
- Avocado
- Carrot
- Daikon radish
Salt & pepper seasoning to taste
- Unsmoked sliced pressed or firm tofu (pre-marinated or plain) is an equally delicious and nutritious base for all sandwiches and wraps.

Add spread/s of choice to bread or wrap.
Assemble Smoked Tofu slices with salad ingredients of choice.
Season to taste if required.
Close and press sandwich halves, or roll wrap.


Smoked Tofu Sandwich/Wrap
Suited Tofu Style - Smoked Tofu - Pressed Tofu - Firm Tofu