Potato Salad with Vegan Mayo

A satisfying meal in itself, this salad staple progresses from simply delicious to sensationally different when dressed with tofu-based mayo!

MAKES: 3 cups (approx)

½ Cup (or more to preference) Vegan Mayo - see our recipe
600g potatoes
2 Tablespoons finely chopped broad leaf (continental) parsley
½ Finely chopped small red onion
Salt & pepper seasoning to taste

Optionally peel and gently boil or steam potatoes until just cooked and slightly firm. Remove from water to cool, then dice into 2cm cubes.
Add the chopped red onion and parsley to the Vegan Mayo and mix together, before adding and gently stirring through the cubed potatoes. Season to taste if required.
Ready to eat at room temperature, or cover and refrigerate to chill.
- Mix in a handful of pre-fried or baked, 2cm cubes of firm or pressed tofu to the potato salad, to add protein and interesting texture.


Potato Salad with Vegan Mayo
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