Tofu Shaslicks

An easy and tasty vegan BBQ alternative. Earth Source Foods Firm Tofu holds it shape well on the skewers, and absorbs marinades and smokey BBQ flavours during cooking.

MAKES: 2 Main meal servings

1 Pack Earth Source Foods Firm Tofu
1 or 2 punnets cherry tomatoes
2 Red capsicums
2 Green capsicums
2 Large onions
Other suitable vegetables cut into chunks as desired (eg: eggplant, mushroom)
Bamboo skewers for threading (soak in water for at least 30mins prior to use so as not to burn when cooking)

Slice the tofu into 2cm approx cubes. Cut the capsicums into squares of approx 2cm. Cut separate onion layers into squares of approx 2cm. Pre cook the tofu, either: bake in 200ºC oven for approx 30mins (until crisp skin forms on surface) or fry in oil until crisp on surface. Onto a skewer alternate tofu cubes, cherry tomato, capsicum, onions and other vegetables as preferred. Grill on a BBQ, turning frequently until vegetables are cooked and lightly browned. May be lightly basted with soy-based marinade for extra flavour.

Serve with satay, chilli or any sauce of choice.


Tofu Shaslicks
Suited Tofu Style - Firm Tofu