Tofu Nibbles

These tasty morsels are a healthy, nutricious TV snack or pre dinner nibble.

MAKES: Serves 2 as an entree or snack

1 Pack of Earth Source Foods Pressed Tofu or Firm Tofu
Tamari sauce

Cut tofu into approx 1cm cubes.
Deep fry until a nice crusty skin forms, remove and drain.
In a wok, or pan, return cooked tofu pieces in a liitle oil, and add tamari sauce to taste. When tamari sauce has coated the pieces and liquid has evaporated, remove from heat.
Option: In the same wok, dry-fry a selection of nuts such as cashews and almonds until lightly toasted and then add to the fried tofu pieces. A little chilli powder can be added in the wok for a spicier mix.

Cut tofu into approx 1cm cubes.
Place on a greased baking tray and bake at 200°c until a crusty skin forms.

Serve warm or cooled to room temperature in a snack bowl.

Tamari sauce can be replaced with soy sauce.


Tofu Nibbles
Suited Tofu Style - Pressed Tofu - Firm Tofu