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Comforting Italian Cannelloni uses soft tofu as the perfect switch for ricotta and eggs. Simple flavours of lemon, tofu and spinach topped with spicy tomato passata and pumpkin seed crumble combine to create an impressive vegan main course.

MAKES: 4-6 Main meal servings

50-60 minutes

1 Pack Earth Source Foods Soft Tofu
250g Instant cannelloni tubes - appx 2 packs (use gluten free if required)
300g Frozen spinach defrosted
Juice and grated rind of 1 lemon
1 Teaspoon salt
1 Teaspoon pepper
Oil for greasing

700g Jar of passata tomato sauce
½ Cup of water
1 Teaspoon dried oregano
2 Teaspoons dried basil
2 Teaspoons stock powder
½ Teaspoon chilli powder (optional)

Green “Parmesan” Crumble
¼ Cup pumpkin seeds
2 Tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
2 Teaspoons salt
2 Teaspoons savoury yeast flakes
1 Chopped green spring onion

Heat oven to 200C.

Find a baking dish suitable for your cannelloni and lay out the empty
shells in the dish to see how best to arrange them, then remove. This
saves time later in the layout process as it can get a bit messy.

In a saucepan combine tomato passata, water, stock powder, basil,
oregano and chilli. Bring to the boil briefly and remove from the heat.

Pour just under half of the warm tomato passata sauce into the lightly greased dish and set aside.  

Drain the soft tofu and place in food processor with the spinach, whizz on high until quite smooth. Add lemon juice and rind, salt and pepper and whizz again to combine flavours well.

Stuff the tofu mixture into the cannelloni shells with a teaspoon, using the thin end of the spoon to push it in until full. At first it is a bit awkward but you will be an expert by the third one.

Lay each stuffed cannelloni into place in the dish on top of the tomato sauce. Keep going until they are all done leaving only a small amount of space between each one. You may end up with some left over stuffing, or a little space in your dish depending on the layout.  

Once the pan is full, carefully pour over the rest of the tomato sauce ensuring you cover all the cannelloni shells, or they will not soften and cook properly.

Pop the dish into the hot oven and bake for 30 minutes or until a knife can easily cut into the shell.

To make the green “parmesan” crumble combine the pumpkin seeds, salt, parsley, savoury yeast flakes and chopped spring onion in a pod or food processor and pulse until just crumbly.

Dish up two or three cannelloni per person depending on the size and sprinkle liberally with the green “parmesan” crumble. Serve with a big leafy salad drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Bellissima!


Momen & Spinach Cannelloni