Steamed Tofu

A simple, delightful way to eat tofu, dipping or covering the hot steamed portions with a tasty sauce of your choice.

MAKES: Serves 2 as an entree or snack.
For more serves, allow half a tub per person.

1 tub (250g) of Earth Source Foods Soft Tofu
Suggested dipping sauces
(any pre-prepared/ready to eat bottled sauces):
- Tamari or Soy Sauce
- Sweet Chilli Sauce
- Plum Sauce
- Satay Sauce

Cut the tofu crossways into thick (approx 1cm) slices. Place slices in steamer for 10 minutes to heat through. Gently place steamed, hot tofu on a serving plate and dip into sauces of choice. Alternatively, spoon sauce over steamed tofu and serve.


Steamed Tofu
Suited Tofu Style - Soft Tofu