10 popular tofu recipes

It's been an honour for us to test our tofu preparation skills in the kitchen and create a bunch of everyday tofu recipes that are not only delicious and debunk tofu myths but are also easy to prepare. Here are 10 of our most popular...

5 undeniable similarities between fine wine and good tofu

Does cheap cask wine stand up against a vintage Eden Valley red? Similarly, does basic tofu stand up against premium bio-dynamic (The Enhanced Organic) tofu?

Taking Expiry Dates Seriously

As opposed to being an insurance policy for protecting the manufacturer, use-by dates are strategically selected to balance out factors like convenience and value-for-money with protecting your health and ensuring the utmost integrity of the product...

What is Momen Tofu?

You may have noticed Earth Source Foods released a new product called MOMEN SEMI-FIRM tofu but, like a lot of people, you might be too shy to ask: What does the word ‘Momen’ mean? Where does it come from? Or even, what does it taste like?

How to Turn Your Family Into Tofu Lovers

Tofu, like a lot of things in life, has some critics. In western society, it’s one of those foods the uninitiated will avoid without really giving it a chance. But, once you give good tofu a try, you often find there are some pretty powerful and enthusiastic converts in your corner.

Is tofu a high calcium food?

This is a frequently asked question, especially from new vegans and/or vegetarians monitoring the intake of vitamins and minerals in their eating regime. And, as is often the case with such questions, there is no easy answer.

Rising interest in plant-based foods

If you needed any further proof that the mainstream market is embracing plant-based foods, then look no further than the growing number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Australia.